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***** After my mom passed my sister and I charged were with "What to do with her personal belongings".  We were in no way emotionally able to fully deal with the task.  A friend of mine told me that there were companies that would handle a sale for us. I spent hours on the Internet looking at estate sale websites, checking them against BBB and Angie's list and also if they were insured and bonded. One company passed all my checks and it was "New Beginnings Estate Sales".  It only got better when I met Bridgette and her wonderful staff.  Bridgette was extremely professional, and sensitive.  A week before the sale she and her staff came into my moms house and literally turned it into three level boutique. Thanks to she and her marketing  staff, the house was literally full of customers.  I found her to be very knowledgeable about pricing due to the fact that nearly all items sold for what she priced them for.  Overall New Beginnings stepped in and helped my sister and I get through necessary rough time in our lives. We will be forever thankful for having found New Beginnings. T.M. 

***** New Beginnings Estate Sales is absolutely amazing!!!! Bridgette, the owner, and her team went above and beyond in the sale they did for us when we moved across the country. They have very detailed knowledge of how to price items and research everything. The sale ran for 3 days and they took care of every aspect. We were so impressed and have recommended them to our realtor and anyone we know who is thinking about a sale. I can't say enough about how pleased we were with the outcome and getting to know them personally. Wonderful people!! 
Kay Garrison

-***** I can’t say enough how pleased I am with the results of an estate sale by New Beginnings.  I wasn’t sure if I had enough to have one so was considering donation since I was moving out of state.  I had a lot of furniture and antiques so my Realtor suggested looking into an estate sale.  New Beginnings was on a list of recommended companies so I started calling and set up a couple of appointments.  After meeting with Bridgette, I cancelled the 2nd appointment and scheduled with New Beginnings on the spot.  I am so glad I did!  The sales far exceeded my expectations!  Bridgette, Wendy and Ben took care of every detail in a very professional manner.  They carried a lot of heavy furniture out of my basement, called in an appraiser to price antiques, priced and staged everything, sold most everything at prices I never dreamed possible. Finally, they even brought someone in after it was over to “buy out” the rest!  My share of the proceeds was 3 times what I ever hoped for.  It was a “complete process,” start to finish, and I didn’t have to do anything at all.  After 3 days, my check was ready!  Choosing New Beginnings was a great decision.  There is not one thing that could have been improved on.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect sale.  They have a very loyal following and I understand why.  New Beginnings…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for taking the hassle and stress out of my liquidation!  You are the best!!! St. Charles, MO

*****  OVERWHELMED!! That is the single word that describes why two years after my mother moved out of her home it was still chock full of a massive amount of furniture and personal effects. We could not imagine how we would find the time and energy to sift through everything, not to mention try to sell it. When we finally listed the home for sale there was no time to create or execute a plan. Sadly our big plan was to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK. We hoped their fee would be reasonable. Luckily, our wonderful real estate agent (Toyin Oduwole) referred us to New Beginnings. Enter Bridgette and the New Beginnings team. Our expectations were exceeded every single step of the way! Bridgette was right at home as she maneuvered through an incredible amount of "junk". She had a laser beam eye. She honed in on furniture and things we thought of as simply old, expertly informing us they were actually quite valuable. Bridgette unearthed old record albums, a pipe collection, cameras, a baseball card collection, paintings and a host other items. She found many things my mother thought were lost or had been forgotten. Bridgette was highly organized, efficient and responsive to all concerns. What her team accomplished in two weeks is nothing short of amazing. We experienced the two New Beginnings trademarks mentioned in other reviews. Total disarray was transformed into a very attractive "upscale boutique". Bridgette's impressive marketing efforts resulted in a line of people out front hours before the start of the sale. It was wonderful to see many of our family treasures become special items for someone new versus being hauled away as junk. In addition to being professional and highly organized, Bridgette and the New Beginnings team were also very sensitive and caring during this emotional process. We literally could not have tackled this ourselves. We highly recommend Bridgette and the New Beginnings team to anyone considering an estate sale. Char R. (University City)

***** Dear Bridgette and New Beginnings Estate Sales,
My family and I cannot thank you enough for the incredible job you did for us in running the estate sale for my parents’ home. The professionalism, hard work and expert pricing from you and your entire team were top notch. I never would have guessed that sale would have netted that much money. Your fees were a bargain for all the work that was required to sift through years of boxes. We interviewed several estate sale companies and New Beginnings Estate Sales was by far the most professional and thorough company. Beyond your excellent skills, your heart and passion for helping families like ours was apparent from the moment we met you during the evaluation interview.

To anyone considering an estate sale company, feel free to check with other companies but I’m confident you’ll be best served by New Beginnings Estate Sales. At the beginning of the process, you’ll feel overwhelmed and unsure. By the time the sale opens (a day earlier than other estate sale companies), you’ll be excited at the staging and positive shopping environment the staff work so hard to create.

To anyone looking for a great resource for shopping estate sales, follow New Beginnings’ website. You’ll find photos showing what is available at each sale. The addresses are posted a day ahead so you can map out your destination. Plan to arrive early and take a number (much better than standing outside in the rain or cold) because people arrive early. It’s clear that the word is out because New Beginnings’ has a significant following. Experienced estate sale shoppers travel from all over St Louis and St Charles County to shop these sales.

Thank you again for helping to make an overwhelming task so much easier and actually a pleasant experience! I’m already recommending you to all my friends who are considering an estate sale for their parents or their own shopping needs.

Dave B

***** "New Beginnings" did an excellent job from advertising the sale, set up, pricing, sales, tear down and removal of unsold items. Bridget displayed the items on her own tables that she and her helpers set up. She had a consultant price the unusual items. She handled sales and all the negotiations that go with it. My husband and I feel we would not have made as much money as we did if we did the sale on our own. As my husband said, "New Beginnings took the stress out of the estate sale." Kathy and Richard (St. Louis)

***** I cannot say enough about New Beginnings.  Every item in my house was professionally appraised and staged like a Boutique.  I noticed that my sale was uniquely and professionally marketed to her following of buyers who lined up outside my house 1 hour before the doors opened.  A sale that I estimated to take 3 days took a day and a half and the house was left in immaculate condition - (and my pocket full).  Thank you Bridgette  and your staff for your hard work.
Rustin R. (Lake St. Louis)

***** I was not sure what to expect with an estate sale because this was the first one I ever had.  I was thoroughly impressed with Bridgette's company.  She and her crew turned the house into what looked like an up-scale retail boutique.  The presentation of all of the items was so impressive.  It was all so professional and well organized. Everything sold and I received so much more money than I had expected on things I was prepared to donate or throw away.  I would highly recommend New Beginnings Estate Sales and Liquidations to anyone looking for someone to manage and organize an estate sale. - John S. (St. Charles, MO)

***** Highly recommend New Beginnings Estate Sales. They made it all so easy and took care of everything. The house was up for sale and the exposure to hundreds of potential buyers during the estate sale helped find the right buyer and the house Sold. they were Professional, the sale was organized, well put together, and they were very knowledgeable. I Would with out a doubt recommend the services of this company to anyone looking for an estate sale company that will do it right. 
Louise B. (Des Peres, MO)

*****  What a great group! I was overwhelmed at what to do with my parents' estate until I found Bridgette and New Beginnings. They made the process of liquidating the estate a breeze! Couldn't have found a better crew!   - Valarie L.M. (O'Fallon), MO-- 

***** I have been going to New Beginnings Estate Sales for quite some time. The owner, Bridgette, is one of the most honest people I know. She treats her customers with respect and dignity. She has a large loyal following, and is very knowledgeable in the business. She calls in experts to price more expensive or rare items. Ms. Bridgette works hard to only hire honest staff which she can verify their integrity.Sometimes lately the speed at which items are sold is in 2 days not the full 3 days, because of her large following and her going above and beyond in marketing the sales. Bridgette stays above approach in the way she runs her business.  I would be amazed in anyone can find 2 customers of Bridgette's who had anything but great things to say about her, her business, or how New Beginnings is run. I put my personal recommendation behind her and her company and guarantee you with her you will be treated better than any other Estate Sale Company out there. Some people are not honest with anything you do for them,but she goes above and beyond what she promises and usually make the cosigner more money that was promised!!!! She genuinely cares and wants everyone to feel good and respected,and follows that Golden Rule" Do unto others,as you want them to do unto you" That's what we like about going to her sales, and she acknowledges everyone that come to them!!!!! God Bless For Such A Great Person Like Her To Be In this For Me To Go Her Sales and Get a Fair Price For Me And For Her Clients!! - 
Dale E. 

***** I wanted to thank you for your excellent help in the estates sale this weekend.  I don't think I could have managed to have everything sold out in such a short period of time. It definitely helped to have your experience and knowledgeable staff on hand at all times.  It is rare these days to find such a well managed company that includes honest reliable staff.  It was defiantly a pleasure working with you and I wouldn't hesitate to hire you again. - 
J.D (St. Charles, MO)
***** Bridgette, thank you for conducting our recent estate sale. Your staff was organized, efficient and helpful. We appreciate all the hard work and were pleased with the overall results! - Mary P. (Chesterfield, MO)

***** "New Beginnings" did an excellent job from advertising the sale, set up, pricing, sales, tear down and removal of unsold items. Bridget displayed the items on her own tables that she and her helpers set up. She had a consultant price the unusual items. She handled sales and all the negotiations that go with it. My husband and I feel we would not have made as much money as we did if we did the sale on our own. As my husband said, "New Beginnings took the stress out of the estate sale."

***** New Beginnings recently held an estate sale for me and I was extremely pleased with the whole process. From the organizing of the items to the final clean up and check for the proceeds, everything went just as promised. When I witnessed all the effort Bridgett Miller and her staff put into making the sale successful, I was so glad I had chosen New Beginnings.  Thanks, Bridgett.   Patricia M

***** Bridgette and her crew were fabulous and provided all the necessary assistance to ensure we had an amazing estate sale. They did the advertising, display set-up, pricing and sales transactions and even provided assistance to customers needing items ca
rried and loaded during the event. We couldn't have asked for a better group of people to do our sale. It was a refreshing experience to see a group of young people so motivated to do a great job and provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend New Beginnings Estate Sales, LLC and give them an A+ rating!

***** Bridgette came to our house explained everything about the services her company performed and the cost. The percentage she charged was much less than the autioneers we talked to wanted. Bridgette was very easy to talk to. She was very flexible in allowing us to pick a mix of her services that fit our specific situation. At this initial meeting Bridgette explained how everything would  be handled including what to do about the things we were not selling but leaving in the house. Bridgette and her team came in staged everything and priced it all.Bridgette even had an appraiser come in and value items she did not have expertise in. She did this without it costing us anything extra.  It looked like a high end botique. They handled everything including negotiating prices and collecting all payments. Bridgette even had men on hand to help customers load heavy items. The entire team did a very professional job.

***** Our sale was outstanding!! We had decided that we would leave while the sale was going on. We were afraid it would be too tramatic to watch all the things we were selling go out the door and we would get in the way of her team conducting the sale. We were only a phone call away if they needed to talk to us. That was one of the best decisions we made. At the end of the sale Bridgette gave us an itemized list of every item that sold and what it sold for. Most of the items sold for more than they would have at auction. She also took care of all the money. About 3 days after the sale when all the money was counted and sales finialized she brought us a single check for our proceeds. Because of Bridgette's and her team's expertise and experience we made more money than we expected. I am so happy we let them handle everything without us. There was no hassle or trauma for us. We also had alot of fun. Everyone was so friendly and had a great sense of humor. We laughed at some of what we were selling and cried over others. We teased each other and in the end we felt we not only had a great sale but made some new friends. if you want a profitable and enjoyable experience with a professional fun team hire New Beginnings Estate Sales, LLC. I can't recommend them highly enough. R.H St. Charles

 ***** We have not had an estate sale, but we make it a point to go to as many as possible of the sales held by A New Beginnings.  The items are fairly priced and we enjoy visiting with the staff that we have come to know and love. Sometimes the smallest find just makes our day.  We seldom leave without 'a treasure' in hand.  -Dan & Martha

***** The sale was much busier than we ever expected (well over 1,000 people over the 3 days). If anyone has a need or knows anyone who may be moving in the future, or simply wants to clean out their closets, I could not recommend them highly enough. From a homeowners perspective, we simply made "piles" of things we wanted to sell and then Bridgett and her team did a complete management of our sale from organizing and staging the items to pricing and managing the sale for us. At he end of every day, she furnished us a written line item listing of each item sold with it's price. At the end of the sale, any remaining items (very few) were put into boxes for us and they even contact donation centers and arrange pick-up for us. All in all, we couldn't have asked for more. M.L Wildwood, MO

***** I go to anywhere from 1 to 8 sales a week and I am selective about where I go. New Beginnings Estate Sales is one I just don't miss. Whether they are caring for a family in a high-end home or a modest abode, Bridgette and her team are always prepared, always friendly and always professional. Simply put, these are some honest, hard working people and I enjoy attending their sales. They are always fairly priced and reasonable in their dealings. I recommend New Beginnings Estate Sales. -Scott Baucum Estate Sale and Auction Afficionado

***** A great experience. I have gone to several of New Beginnings Sales and was always impressed with the operation. I then needed assistance to sell an estate and Bridgette and her crew went far beyond my expectations. Very honest and trustworthy. They turned a very difficult time in my life into a true "New Beginning". I cannot thank you enough.  - John Bauer 

***** Great Company! Most estate sale companies aren't the friendliest of people. New Beginnings is very knowledgeable & has a very friendly staff. We've gotten some great items from their estates and we'll continue to keep going to their sales! We highly recommend checking them out! - Ryan Graham

***** Bridgette and her crew were WONDERFUL. Not only was she on time, but things could not have been smoother. I was pleasantly surprised as I netted even more than I ever thought possible and best they did everything. OUTSTANDING service, professional and honest. THANK YOU :) J.B.

***** My wife and I were faced with moving both house and business. We tried in vain to sell excess inventory for the business and downsize for the house but it turned out to be an exercise in frustration. We needed help in moving this mountain. New Beginnings turned out to be the ideal answer. Bridgette has honed her skills to a fine art. She turned our office space into a little shop, organized all the inventory into neat bins of merchandise and sold 100% of the furnishings. People were waiting for the doors to open on the morning of the sale. The house estate sale was just as much of a success, selling well over 95% of items on offer. The remaining bits went to our favorite charities. We can see clearly why she has such raving reviews. This has allowed us to move forward in life. We will never forget her generosity and kindness. Our sincere hope is that her business continues to prosper beyond her dreams.
Bruce & Theresa

***** New Beginnings Estate is the best thing going in the estate business true professionals in every sense .  -Curt Darabcsek

***** Best Estate sale company AROUND!! -Zach Roach

***** Bridgette is the perfect person to perform these sales. She is intelligent, well spoken and a true professional. With hundreds of sales to her credit she brings all of her expertise to each sale no matter how big or small. Every interaction with her company and crew have been excellent and I would recommend them to anyone. -D.N

***** Always look forward to their sales. They are willing to assist and give help with heavy items. Bought trailer and furniture pieces that were never easy for pick up, but their willingness to extend help was very appreciated! See you at the next sale!!! -K.J

***** Bridgette and her professional crew do it again and again. Really appreciate the service and the fair market value sales that are given. Bridgette makes a full accountability of all items and their value and makes a fair sale for her customers (both seller and buyer). I highly recommend visiting a New Beginnings Estate Sale to see for yourself. A+ 5* Thanks! -Art

***** Very easy to work with. Great prices
Happy happy people! Donna E.

***** I am so pleased with New Beginnings and staff. I didn't think everything would sell or that I would make as much money as I did. I highly recommend New Beginnings Estate Sales. I am so pleased with the amount of money they made for me, after it was done every thing looked nice no mess left, that meant a lot to me. -RLL

***** I have been going to New Beginnings Estate Sales for quite some time. I have even worked for her for a few sales in the past. The owner, Ms. Miller, is one of the most honest people I know. She treats her customers with respect and dignity. She is almost always able to make the customer more money than expected. She has a large loyal following, and is very knowledgable in the business. She calls in experts to price more expensive or rare items. Ms. Miller works hard to only hire honest staff which she can verify their integrity. She leaves the house cleaner than when she came in and amazes her customers as to the speed at which items are sold. While most companies take 3 full days, she often finishes in 2 because of her large following and her going above and beyond in marketing the sales. Ms. Miller stays above approach in the way she runs her business. Unfortunately, some of her competition post fake reviews. I would be amazed in anyone can find 2 customers of Ms. Miller who had anything but great things to say about her, her business, or how New Beginnings is run. I put my personal recommendation behind her and her company and guarantee you with her you will be treated better than any other Estate Sale Company out there.  Eric Wilson

***** New Beginnings is a great company to use. When you start working with Bridgette and Laurie and everyone else, you will know they have lots of experience. They know the best prices that will increase the likelihood of a sale. We just completed our estate sale. So I speak from experience that you can trust New Beginnings. You will be happy that you used them. Lynne James

***** Going to New Beginnings Estate Sale was a terrific experience.  I was able to purchase updated furnishings for a retreat center in North County and the employees were fantastic.  I had to make three trips to be able to transport my purchases and they helped in many ways.  It was great to have someone on staff with tools as I didn't anticipate purchasing and the gentleman helped take apart recliners to fit into my van. This is a great company that handled things very professionally.
Marilyn Webb

***** Fair, educated and committed team! I enjoy going to these organized sales. I have consistently been treated fairly from my purchases of large furniture to small jewelry. The reason I look online for New Beginnings is simply just because I like how I’m treated and my items are always a fair deal!!

***** Bridgette and her team did a great job with my fathers estate sale. I believe they are a genuine and trustworthy company. I was impressed with all of the work they did before the sale  such as organizing the house, keeping me updated, and advertising. They were also able to make more money in sales than I even thought was possible. Bridgette was always prompt to respond and was very helpful throughout the process. I would recommend this company to family, friends, and anyone else looking for a company to put on estate sale.
Emily Beins

***** What a pleasure to shop their estate sale!!
They were very positive, helpful, and so easy to deal with. I actually felt welcome, and relaxed. Exceptionally well organized with reasonable prices.

***** As we were planning to move out of state, our realtor suggested we have an estate sale. We really didn’t know anything about them, but trusted our realtor’s advice. She said New Beginnings has a good reputation - and after a meeting with Bridgette (the owner), we agreed to a sale. We were impressed with the marketing that they do and the loyal following they have. Bridgette said there would be a line of people waiting to get in on the first day of the sale, and she delivered! We had a very successful three-day sale, liquidating nearly all our items - and what didn’t sell, Bridgette and her team took care of delivering it to charity for us. It truly was a pleasure working with Bridgette and her outstanding team at New Beginnings. They are hard workers, know their business, are very well organized and truly a joy to be around. Even under busy, stressful conditions, Bridgette remained pleasant and cheerful - fun to be around! We are grateful that we selected New Beginnings to assist us with our move. 
- Tim & Diane McKillip

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